Microlight Flying with Us
From Peterborough Business Airport-Conington

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Train on our modern fleet of Eurostars

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Light Aircraft Pilots:

Under the new ANO 2016, Eurostar hours now count towards your revalidation of your SEP  rating. Try it and save money.

Flying Instructor Required:

Must live within 50 miles of EGSF, immediate start, students waiting. Contact bob@flycb.com


We offer Microlight to Light Aircraft conversions. Ever wondered what its like to fly at night or under instrument conditions(IMC). Come and fly our PA28 Warrior 4 seat light aircraft. This has full instrumentation and  approvals for night and instrument flying. Conversion of your NPPL-Microlight licence to Light Aircraft Pilots Licence(LAPL) is a simple process which can usually be done in around 5 hours. Give use a call to put a different dimension on your flying

We are now offering a syndicate hire scheme to fly our light aircraft along the same lines as our very popular Eurostar Scheme. Hourly Wet rate is only £79/h, monthly fee is £75 and annual membership is £1465. See other Services for more details.

Why not buy a friend or one of the family a Trial flight as a Birthday present or as an introduction to a new hobby? It is something they will never forget!

You can now buy by credit card over the phone or online and your voucher will be delivered to your door. Call our sales line on
01933 386655 or click here to buy your trial flight voucher online here.

Perhaps you have been thinking about learning to fly but don't know how to get started. Our Introductory Flying Days are for you! click here for details.

Lessons with us

We fly all year round so don't be put off by the winter season!

We operate from an all weather tarmac runway. Come and fly the new generation of light aircraft style Microlights and enjoy the benefits of this type of flying. Winter usually brings spectacular visibility and smooth flying conditions, both ideal for pushing ahead towards your licence.

Why not drop in and have a cup of coffee with us in the relaxed atmosphere of the flying club lounge. You can have an informal chat with one of our instructors and find out more about the Microlight experience and the benefits of flying from Peterborough-Conington or Cranfield Airport.

Please feel free to call us on 01933 386655 to find out more or arrange to see us at the airport.