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Training Rates

One of the reasons why microlight flying has become so popular in recent years is that it's much cheaper to train for and maintain a NPPL-microlight licence than a conventional light aircraft licence. Less hours to do, cheaper medicals and much cheaper fuel costs.

Pre-Flight Briefing
Pre-fight briefings are an essential part of flight training. We give these  free of charge with every flight training hour taken. As a result, each lesson lasts for approximately 1.5 hours, but you only pay for the aircraft flight times.

Training Packages:- All based on three EV97 Team Eurostar Aircraft with full panel instruments, Radios, Mode S transponders, Landing, Navigation & Strobe lights
(all costs include VAT and base landing fees at Peterborough Business Airport)

Hourly Rate - £124 Pay as you go!

Two Hour Introduction to flying at Peterborough-Conington £269(60min Flight), £229(45min Flight)or £199(30min Flight)

This is all you need to do to get a head start on learning to fly. These Courses includes:

  • An Introduction to Flight Training briefing explaining the licence  requirements and  what you can do once qualified with a National Private Pilots Licence.
  • An Introduction to the training Aircraft and Pre-flight excercise description. This includes a detailed view of the aircraft and its systems.
  • Either a 60 minute flight(£269), 45minute flight(£229) or 30 minute flight(£199). In all cases you will be handling the flying controls for most of the time. Your instructor will guide you through the principles of flying and will include, turning, climbing & decending flight, use of flaps, trimmer and throttle controls. Flying at different speeds and aligning with the runway for landing.
  • A Post flight de-briefing to include evaluation of the flying exercise & recomendations for follow on training.  You will have an  opportunity to discuss all ascepts of flight training with a CAA instructor in an informal manner.
  • 3 months membership of the FlyCB flying club along with a Certificate of Introductory Flight Training Achievement

Pilots LogBook, Flight Charts and other flight equipment available for purchase.

Half Day "Be a Pilot" Course - £399
If you are serious about becoming a pilot, then this is the course for you. Join your instructor to plan a flight to another airport, gain an understanding of how to navigate, use Met Office weather data and prepare a flight plan. Then fly to another UK airport, join air-traffic and land. Discuss the flight with your Instructor over a coffee and then fly the return flight back. The course includes two 45minute flights plus ample time to discuss all the issues of gaining a pilots license and how to operate our self fly syndicate aircraft once you are qualified. With pre & post flight briefings, flight planning and flight turn around at the land away airport this will last at least 4 hours and give you a very accurate insight in what its like to become a Pilot. Imagine taking family and friends to France for the day or a weekend stop over in Paris. Its all possible with our training courses and our self fly syndicate scheme. It also costs far less than you may think. In fact its cheaper to fly to Paris & take a passenger than it is to drive there by car!

5 Hour Introductory Course - £620
Want to experience a little more? Then the 5 hour package is for you. This includes 5 hours of dual instruction and 3 months club membership.. after this you will be well on your way to earning your wings!

Complete NPPL Course including 25h flying - £3,695
The full minimum required hours flying course, including 25 hours instruction, 15 hours Ground school training & 5 exam fees, NPPL (M) course books, Navigation equipment flight bag and 1 years Club Membership. Basically everything you need. Take the challenge; we will guide you through to your licence to flying freedom!

Want the discount but not the up front payment, then buy the 25 hour course on installments. Pay by 9 monthly Direct Debit installments at £435 per month.

5, 10 and 20 Hour Advanced Course Blocks
5h - £620
10h - £1215
20h -£2356

Ground School & Exam Fees
Ground school tuition:- £30 per hour
Ground Exam fees:- £35per exam
GST: £75 plus normal training rate

"Charlie Bravo" Club Membership Fee
All those flying with FlyCB-Peterborough must join Charlie Bravo Flying Club. This is free for trial flights and an annual cost of £95 for students and syndicate shareholders.

All prices are inclusive of VAT, fuel and base airfield landing fees and are subject to change